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05/13/2018 Update – A back up repeater has been brought online.  It’s at a lower altitude and lower power, but should cover most of the Treasure Valley.

04/23/2018 –  Due to degrading performance, the 146.94 Repeater is off the air until weather permits us to perform maintenance.

Please check this page for status updates.

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The ISRA repeater is located at the Shafer Butte Lookout, elevation 7,582 feet. It is one of the most reliable and most used repeaters in southwest Idaho. It is open for any licensed amateur radio operator. If you use the repeater, please consider becoming a member of the ISRA club, or consider making a donation.

When you get into a long QSO or rag chew, please take moments to pause to see if anyone else needs to use the repeater. Sometimes, hams like to jump in to ask for a quick signal report or to contact another ham.

Repeater Info

146.94 MHZ
Negative offset of 600 KHZ
Tone of 100 HZ
No emergency power
No autopatch
Linking capabilities to other repeaters

Our repeater has coverage in the following counties:
Elmore (limited)
Gem (limited)
Owyhee (limited)
Valley (very limited)
Malheur (Oregon, very limited)

The repeater is managed by Larry Smith, W7ZRQ. Thank you Larry!

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