FRN’s Only at Exam Sessions

FRNs Only at Exam Sessions The FCC has indicated VECs/VE teams should no longer be accepting social security numbers at exam sessions. Examinees should register in the FCC CORES registration system and receive an FRN before exam day. FCC CORES User Account and Registration: . . . . read more

New Fee from the FCC

$35 FCC application fee in the Federal Register – does NOT take effect yet. The final rule change was published in the Federal Register today March 19, 2021:  Federal Register – schedule-of-application-fees-of-the-commissions-rules Even though the document has an effective date of April 19, the Amateur Radio fees will not yet be required. The fee changes outlined in this order will not . . . . read more

E-mail and Bulletin Board

The ISRA has added a bulletin board and email reflector to further assist in keeping the club connected during the weird times we are experiencing.    These will have a “no abuse, no trolling” policy.   Keep the list and board friendly.   There’s enough rage and misery in the world, don’t add to it. We’re strongly considering a Zoom platform also.   If you are a Zoom wiz, send . . . . read more

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