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Our purpose is to advance the radio art and skills, help club members and others, and have fun doing it.

We meet weekly on our 2 meter net, and monthly in person at our club meetings. Feel free to participate.

President’s Corner: 


I attended the “Elmer in the House” event at the American Legion Post 113 yesterday and it was interesting.  Lots of “Elmers” there.  Not to many folks that needed “Elmer” assistance.  I helped a Ham with his hand held Yaesu VX-7R.  He was stuck on thinking he needed Chirp or some other program to program the repeaters on his radio and had tried that with another Ham and it didn’t work.  So I gave him a consolidated 2 meter Frequency List I compiled beforehand and proceeded to show him how to program the frequencies in via the face of the radio.  He did not think that was possible to do quickly.  It took us about ten minutes to put in about 15 sets of repeater frequencies.  He decided he didn’t need a computer or Chirp after that.  Long story short,  when we talk to new Hams we need to help them understand that, in many cases, they can program the radio if they read the manual and also emphasize the importance of having a good copy of the manual around (for each radio type they own).  If necessary, we can also demonstrate to them how to program the radio and help them learn to do it themselves.  Lastly, it is also good to have a list of key Treasure Valley Frequencies you can refer a new Ham too so they can have a good chance of talking to someone over the air.  If you want a copy of my list, let me know.

On February 22nd, our monthly meeting, Mike Witschen is going to do a presentation on Open Spot and how to use it to get into Digital Radio.  I look forward to this one as I’m in the market for an Open Spot or something that will allow me to connect locally into the System Fusion Network. 

I have a number of station photos built into a presentation for March.  If you want to talk about your Ham Station set up send a photo to k7bse14694@gmail.com and I will include it.  I have eight so far. 

Membership dues are now due for 2024.  Please renew by downloading the membership form and providing it and your $15 to the club Treasurer either in person at a meeting or by sending it in. 

As always we are looking for topics for future club meetings.  If you have a topic you want to hear about, feel free to email k7bse14694@gmail.com.  If you want to present, all the better.

See you at the meeting!

Reminder: we have a weekly net on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome to check in.  The ISRA Repeater is 146.94 with a PL of 100.  We look forward to hearing you on the air!

73,   Bart

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