Amateur Links

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Other aspects of amateur radio:

All About Ham Radio for Beginners:
How to guide to help beginners get into Ham Radio.

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation:
Amateur radio satellite society based in Washington DC.

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
Yes, YOU can talk to ISS crew.

Amateur Satellites:
Work amateur radio satellites with your HT radio.

Earth-Moon-Earth (EME):
Bounce amateur radio signals off of the surface of the moon.

136 and 472 kHz / 2200m and 630m band:
Amateur radio’s very TOP bands, found below the AM broadcast band.

The 50MHz / 6m band:
Just below television RF channel 2 is the “magic band”.

The 220MHz / 1.25m band:
The best aspects of both the 2m and 70cm all in one band.

The 900 MHz / 33cm band:
One of the lesser used bands.   Great for home-brewers.

The World ABOVE 1 GHz:
An experimenter’s paradise.

An intro to amateur radio television (ATV)

Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning:
High altitude ballooning and amateur radio in one package.

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America:
A club focusing on ham radio installations on bicycles.

5 watts or less.   When you care enough to send the very least.

Car Radio History A History of Automobile Radio

A Ham Radio Club Centered In Boise and the Treasure Valley