Local Area Nets

This is a partial list of local area nets.   As the nature of nets is somewhat fluid as far as times and frequencies are concerned, this list is subject to change.

All Times are Mountain Time.   Contact specific clubs for correct tones and offsets.

ISRA weekly net:
Repeater: K7BSE, 146.940 MHz
Date & Time: Sundays at 7:00PM Local time
website: http://israboise.org/

The People’s net:
Repeater: W7VOI, 146.700 MHz
Date & Time: Sundays at 7:30PM Local time

Voice Of Idaho Weekly Net:
Repeater(s): W7VOI, 146.840 MHz, 444.900 MHz, 146.620 MHz
(These repeaters are usually linked during the net)
Date and Time: Thursdays at 8:00PM local
website: http://www.voiceofidaho.org/

Boise County ARC weekly net:
Repeater: K3ZFF, 145.250 MHz
Date&Time: Mondays at 7PM local
website: http://www.wa9wsj.com/TOC.htm

Snake River ARC
Repeater: W7VOI, 147.24 MHz
Date&Time: Tuesdays at 8:00PM local
website: https://k7si.org/main/page_home.html

American Legion Post 113 ARC(N7LGN) weekly net:
Repeater: K7BSE. 146.94 MHz
Date&Time: Thursdays at 7:00PM local
website: https://n7lgn.org/

AMRRON weekly net
Repeater: K7ZZL, 146.880 MHz
Date&Time: Simplex net-2000 local, repeater net- 2030 local Every Wednesday
website: https://amrron.com/

Over the Hill commute group net:
Repeater: W7VOI, 147.240 MHz
Date&Time: Weekday Mornings at 7:10AM local

220 MHz Weekly Net Sponsored by the SWIARC:
Repeater: 223.94 MHz
Date&Time: Wednesdays at 20:00 Local

6 Meter Net Sponsored by the SWIARC:
Repeater: WA9WSJ, 52.62 MHz
Date&Time: Sundays at 20:00 Local

New Hams Net:
Repeater: W7VOI, 444.900  MHz
Date&Time: Wednesday Mornings at 11:00 AM local

The Fight Club net:
Repeater: W7VOI, 146.840 MHz
Date & Time: Saturday’s at 7:00PM Local time

N7COX Repeater Net:
Date & Time: Thursday nights on 444.525+5 PL 103.5 at 830 PM Local Time.

The Treasure Valley Side-banders Net: Saturday Morning on 144.200 ( USB) at 9 AM Local

A Ham Radio Club Centered In Boise and the Treasure Valley