Local Area Nets

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All Times are Mountain Time.   Contact specific clubs for correct tones and offsets.

Day Time Freq Call Net DescRIPTION Contact Info
SUN 19:00 146.940 K7BSE ISRA General Net Email
MON 19:00 145.250 and 224.500 K3ZFF Boise County ARC General Net Club Website
MON 20:30 146.940 K7BSE ARES Net idahoares.info
TUE 20:00 147.200 K7WIR Snake River ARC General Net Club Website
WED 20:00 145.350 K7LCD Lewis & Clark ARC Net Club Website
WED 20:00 146.940 K7BSE American Legion ARC
WED 20:30 146.880 K7ZZL AMRRON Net AMRRON Website
THU 20:00 146.840 W7VOI Voice of Idaho ARC Net Club Website
THU 21:00 145.250 K3ZFF Oath Keepers Net
FRI 20:30 147.040 KJ7GGR Zone 5 ARC Net
M-F 07:10 146.840 W7VOI Over-The-Hill Commute Club Website

A Ham Radio Club Centered In Boise and the Treasure Valley