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Driving Fox Hunt

ISRA 2 meter driving Fox Hunt Date February 23rd 8:15 am – 10:30 Registration : $5 a person entry fee ½ to ISRA, ½ to Idaho Ham Radio STEM Fest Frequency announced via email at 8 AM. First broadcast at 8:15 am.; then on 5 minute intervals. Power level starts at 5 watts and goes down every ½  hour. Boundries: Eagle road North to State Street then East to Broadway, South two blocks and East on Warm Springs to . . . . read more

SOLVED! – The Ultimate Foxhunt

UPDATE – 11/13/2018 KT7WW sent me the following message today: Looks like we have a quiet vhf satellite band again thanks to some repairs today. I would appreciate having some people monitor that frequency range for a bit for verification Thanks to everyone who put in time to help locate the source Original Post: Radio Direction Finding Assistance Needed Stephen Nipper (N7DJX) and Amos Kirk (KT7WW) have ident . . . . read more

Fox Hunt Report

This afternoon  KG7VLX, W7BET, N7DFL and the newest ISRA members KI7PWR, KI7PXS, and KIOE all met out at Black Creek to  try our hands at fox hunting. This was a fun way to pass an afternoon and we learned a few things for our next attempt. An attenuator would have sped up the process.  We were all using  2m yagi antennas and couldn’t pick up the 3rd harmonic until we were right on top of the beacon. Th . . . . read more

Historical QSL Card – Antarctica

Some time ago a collection of QSL Cards from SK Robert Asin (AB7SX, Formerly K6ZBM)  was donated to the ISRA. This is a large collection of  QSL Cards from all over the world mostly dated in the the late 1950s.  There are some very interesting cards in this collection.  I will be posting scans of some of these cards from time to time to share with the club. First Up is a card from a Soviet Scientific Expedition . . . . read more