Welcome to the Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs

Our purpose is to advance the radio art and skills, help club members and others, and have fun doing it.

We meet weekly on our 2 meter net, and monthly in person at our club meetings. Feel free to participate.

President’s Corner: 

Greetings, At our club meeting in May, Dale Reiser gave an excellent presentation about how we can add lightning protection to our home VHF/UHF stations.  He used a VNA to demonstrate how to make a “stub” lightning connection and how to tune it.  Next month we will not have a formal meeting.  Instead we are partnering with the N7LGN club to do Field Day.  This will be located at Sheri’s in Meridian.  Set up is at 10:00 AM.  Operations start at noon. 

As mentioned previously, we have now published the ISRA Get-on-the-Air Guide.  It is located here.  This is a guide for new Hams looking to get on the air for the first time or those looking for guidance on some things to do in order to get on the air and talk to other Hams on a more regular basis. If you take a look at the guide and would like to offer comments or suggestions, feel free to send an email to info@israboise.org. 

Lastly, we are looking at hosting a “Get on the Air” session for new Hams sometime this summer.  Many new Ham licensees need questions answered and advice on how and when to get on the air.  If you are interested in such a session, please send an email to info@israboise.org. 

73,   Bart

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