Secretary – Norm Sinclair (KI7EZU)

My name is Norm Sinclair, callsign KI7EZU, and I have been a licensed ham since 2016. My first major awakening to radio was in the form of a 1700′ tall television and FM broadcast tower adjacent to my grandparents farm in Garden City, SD.   I was 6 years old.   It’s sheer awesomeness of height stood in stark contrast to the flat South Dakota prairie.   I was mesmerized by it.

That preoccupation led to constructing “towers” and antennas using PVC pipes and wires found from dumpster dives as I became a teen and my general interest in radios and TV’s.   I also had a like-minded childhood friend that shared my excitement.

As I got older, interests change.   I still had my interests in towers and antennas but it took a backseat to stereos and recordable media, LP’s, musical instruments, etc.

Out of the blue in 2015, that old childhood friend found me on Facebook.   One of his first questions were “why aren’t you licensed”.   I didn’t know what he meant.   He was curious as to why I didn’t have an amateur radio license.  I didn’t have a decent answer.   So, I decided to get one.

I have a General class license (as does my friend) at this time.   I rarely do HF so the General works fine for my interests.   My first love is 6m bands and shorter.   The lesser used bands, modes and unusual/experimental niches in the hobby are most interesting to me.  I am often found on 1.25m.   To each their own.

I am excited to be secretary.   I hope to serve the club and it’s members as I fill this position.

Cheers!   73
Norm, KI7EZU