Net Script

Good evening everyone. Welcome to the ISRA Two Meter net. This net meets every Sunday evening at 8:30 pm on this frequency 146.94 with a minus offset and 100 Hz tone. This repeater is an open repeater and anyone is welcome to use it.
This is (Call sign)_____________ , (name) ______________ and I will be your Net Control this evening. Alternate Net Control are W7PKL, W7KBX, and KG7VMB (break)

The ISRA Club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 pm at IDAHO PIZZA, 7100 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, Idaho 83704. Come join with us for an evening of camaraderie and be enlightened by the featured speaker of the evening. We also invite you to visit our website at to find out more about the ISRA (break)
Are there any announcements before we start Roll Call? (break)

The ISRA Two Metre Net is an open net and anyone is welcome to check into this net.This is a Directed Net and we ask that you check in when the first letter of the suffix of your call is given. Also give first name and location. (break)

Roll Call Follows: (Use standard Phonetics)

​Alfa, Bravo , Charlie (break)​

Delta, Echo, Foxtrot (break)

Golf, Hotel, India (break)​

Juliet, Kilo, Lima (break)​

Mike, November, Oscar (break)​

Papa, Quebec, Romeo (break)​

Sierra, Tango, Uniform (break)​

Victor, Whiskey X-ray (break)​

Yankee, Zulu (break)

This concludes the official Roll Call

Are there any Late. . . Missed. . . or. . . Visitor check-ins? Please call now. (break)

All is quiet.
Are there any last minute announcements, events, items for sale come with your call sign. ​​​​​​​​​​​(break)

This is _______________ , _______________ Wishing everyone a good evening and a good week.

The ISRA Two Metre Net is now closed at _______________ hrs.