Message From the President – April 2018

Hello all!

First off, I want to thank the outgoing Board of Directors for the excellent handoff of the reigns to the new Board of Directors, appreciate the help getting our feet on the ground and running!

I am both excited and a little nervous being President to be honest, I have been a licensed ham for 24 years, but I have never been a club officer in any ham club I have belong to in the past, so jumping right in at President is a bit of a shock! I promise to do my best at it….!

I have had a fascination with radio from an early age, and the bug has never let up in the last 40 years….I am still enchanted with the concept of radio waves bouncing all over the world and capturing that with a gadget in your living room, or car….Magic!

I know the new board members and I are looking forward to 2018 and serving the club in all capacities. We hope that we can provide interesting presentations and activities for the club that everyone will find fun and entertaining.

Along with that thought, ideas for club presentations or activities are always welcome! Send in your ideas, or if you are an expert in something radio related, let’s hear about it….it doesn’t have to be an elaborate presentation or even that long, but you may spark interest or make new friends in the process. Don’t be shy, the club is what we make it as a group!

I have a challenge for every ham out there; I challenge every licensed ham here in the ISRA to get on the air, using any mode you like at least once a day! Whether it is HF, VHF, digital or analog, get on and make at least one contact a day. We have way too much dead air on the local VHF/UHF repeaters for example….lets use what we have been supporting all these years. Dust off the microphone in your car or on your desk at home and call CQ, the HF bands are not as dead as you may think. It may even mean trying out a new mode you have only heard about, or one you been meaning to try but always said maybe next year….well do it now!

Again, I am honored to be serving the club as President, and I am always available to talk about anything club or radio related! I am usually scanning the local VHF/UHF repeaters while mobile, and you can see where I am at via APRS as well. I also have radios on at home when I am there in the shack. If all that fails, my email address is, and my cell is 208-870-1822. Look forward to hearing from you!


Mike Garske, K7SKE

President, ISRA