Fox Hunt Report

This afternoon  KG7VLX, W7BET, N7DFL and the newest ISRA members KI7PWR, KI7PXS, and KIOE all met out at Black Creek to  try our hands at fox hunting.

This was a fun way to pass an afternoon and we learned a few things for our next attempt.

  1. An attenuator would have sped up the process.  We were all using  2m yagi antennas and couldn’t pick up the 3rd harmonic until we were right on top of the beacon.
  2. The transmit time vs silence on the beacon adds to the challenge.  Increasing the transmit time would have made it easier to find.  Decreasing the time would have added a lot of challenges.

Here’s KG7VLX setting up the fox for the next round.


KI7PWR won the first round and got this amazing trophy handcrafted by KG7VLX


And here are all the happy hunters.


Based on our experience, we plan on hosting another fox hunt this fall.  Hope to see you all there.