Driving Fox Hunt

ISRA 2 meter driving Fox Hunt

Date February 23rd
8:15 am – 10:30

Registration : $5 a person entry fee
½ to ISRA, ½ to Idaho Ham Radio STEM Fest

Frequency announced via email at 8 AM. First broadcast at 8:15 am.; then on 5 minute intervals. Power level starts at 5 watts and goes down every ½  hour.


Eagle road North to State Street then East to Broadway, South two blocks and East on Warm Springs to HWY 21 /Gowen Rd. to Victory and back to Eagle Rd.
Have fun and don’t kill each other.

Please obey all traffic laws and FCC regulations.

Feel free to talk smack to your competitors on the 146.94 repeater.

To Register:

Send a $5 check to ISRA Po Box 8903 Boise Id 83707-2903
Please include phone#, Call sign and Email address. Registration cut off  February 18th.
Questions: Chris Freund Cfreund129@Gmail.com or 208-608-0189


Yagi & J pole antenna build February 16 th hosted by South West Idaho ARC

For info on the Antenna Build please contact:

Kim Gross kgross@jensalt.com or 208-353-5248