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Fox Hunt Report

This afternoon  KG7VLX, W7BET, N7DFL and the newest ISRA members KI7PWR, KI7PXS, and KIOE all met out at Black Creek to  try our hands at fox hunting. This was a fun way to pass an afternoon and we learned a few things for our next attempt. An attenuator would have sped up the process.  We were all using  2m yagi antennas and couldn’t pick up the 3rd harmonic until we were right on top of the beacon. Th . . . . read more

Fox Hunt – May 20 3PM

The Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs, Inc are planning a 2 meter Fox Hunt for 3PM Sunday May 20th 2018 at Black’s Creek. We are asking participants for a $5.00 Donation to the ISRA (cash or check made out to ISRA) I 84 east to Blacks Creek exit. Turn right and go approx 2.5 miles past rail road tracks and first pull out. Meet at second pull out with restroom. Here’s a map of the area from KG7VLX. The s . . . . read more

Message From the President – April 2018

Hello all! First off, I want to thank the outgoing Board of Directors for the excellent handoff of the reigns to the new Board of Directors, appreciate the help getting our feet on the ground and running! I am both excited and a little nervous being President to be honest, I have been a licensed ham for 24 years, but I have never been a club officer in any ham club I have belong to in the past, so jumping right in . . . . read more

Get to Know the Board – Secretary N7DFL

My name is Matt Thurston and I am the ISRA club secretary for 2018. I was originally licensed in 2014 under the call sign KG7NDF. I have always had a passing interest in radio that originated from my love of music. In college, I was a DJ on the local station and have always scanned the local dials looking for new and different stations. I had looked into getting my license, but was overwhelmed with the information . . . . read more

Get to Know the Board – Treasurer W7BET

Hello all! My name is Mike Bettencourt and I am the 2018 club treasurer. I have been a licensed ham for two years and a member of the ISRA for just as long. My first call sign was KI7CZN. When I upgraded to General several months later I changed my call sign to W7BET. I was first introduced to ham radio by one of my science teachers, now an SK, KD6ISC back in junior high school. He encouraged those of us that took . . . . read more

Get to Know the Board – President K7SKE

My name is Mike Garske,callsign K7SKE, and I have been a licensed ham since 1994. My first callsign was KC7DPD, starting out as a Tech “No-Code”. My fascination with radio started around 5 or 6 years old when my Dad installed a CB in our family car. My Dad and I would listen to all the “skip” coming in from all over the country and I was mesmerized by the magic of radio. Then later around ag . . . . read more

New Board and New Club Meeting Time

The ISRA radio club will now be meeting on the third Thursday of each month. The location of meetings is unchanged. The new board is as follows: President Mike Garske, K7SKE Vice President Chris Freund, KG7VLX Secretary Matt Thurston, N7DFL Treasurer Mike Bettencourt, W7BET Director Chris McCormick, N3JHR 2018 ISRA Board . . . . read more

Message from ISRA Retiring President Jim Szatkowski, N9SKI:

As 2017 ended and we begin 2018, your current Board also ends two years of service to the Club. Over these years, we’ve had a meeting a month and all with a program or speaker or summer picnic or holiday party. We have clarified our status with the IRS and I believe we’re on solid ground now with the name ISRA Boise, Inc. and the new bylaws (changed from the old structure of state-wide/local chapters). We, a . . . . read more

2018 Election Ballot

For all members of ISRA, please fill out, sign, and get it mailed, or handed in, prior to the start of the annual election meeting on Tuesday January 16, 2018. ISRA 2018 Election Ballot (Microsoft Word) ISRA 2018 Election Ballot (PDF) And while you are at it, fill out the membership application and hand it in with dues payment for your club membership renewal. Download the Membership Form here. . . . . read more