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Q. FUSION vs DSTAR and Quad-Band Radios

Q. I’m in a class right now preparing to get my Technician License. I’ve been reading about Yeasu’s Fusion and Icom’s D-STAR and I’m wondering which of the two technologies folks in the area seem to prefer. I’ll be joining the Society after I get my license so I want to make sure I get the right equipment. Speaking of equipment, would it be advantageous to get a Quad-Band radio . . . . read more

Q. I Just Got My License, But I’m Nervous About Transmitting And Making Mistakes — What Should I Do?

First off, remember that all of us veteran hams had to start at some point too. While it’s true that every now and then there is a curmudgeon ham on the frequencies who likes to point out mistakes and criticize new hams, most of us are very friendly and remember very well what it was like when we started. So, you don’t have much to worry about; most of us will be more than happy to “elmer” . . . . read more

Q. What Should My First Radio Be?

A really simple question, with not a simple answer. First, let me start by stating that some hams will fight you to the death about which brand of radio is best, Yeasu, Icom, Kenwood, Baofeng, etc.  Some are devoted to a brand, others despise certain brands.  The point of this answer is not to draw the ire of anyone.  It is to help newly licensed or soon-to-be licensed hams. Also, this post is not a definitive . . . . read more